Love Letters

It’s Safe to Get Excited


A love letter from the Father. 





Everything that you have walked through has been preparing you for this moment. Don’t predict that the disappointments from before will occur again. See differently, this is an entirely new day and you have never known it. Break every agreement with a negative thought and finally be free from every bad experience.




Be convinced that I love you and I want to give you the desires of your heart. Being enriched in experiencing My fullness begins with vulnerability and trust. Have confidence in Me. Everything that you seek in prayer, believe that you have received and it will be done. Feel as if your prayers are already answered and let it sink deep into your heart.




Mingle the pain of your heartache with the sensation of what it would be like to for the longing to be fulfilled. Imagine it was now, as a fresh breeze that brushes over your cheeks and sunlight warming your skin. Bring what you seek into the present by feeling as if it is already done. Bring your emotions into harmony with your faith-filled thoughts and retrace the memories of when I blessed you before. 




Imagine no more suffering and enter into the fulfillment. Relax and let your shoulders be free as you give into expectancy. Sink into the earnest desire and be joyful and relieved to consider it done. My abundance is available to you now. You are being increased with more as new doors open up and I am going to surprise you as it suddenly shows up. It’s safe to get excited!






Written by Dannette Lynn



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