Love Letters



A love letter from the Father. 




I will relieve your troubles and bring comfort to your situation. I have expressed with an oath to give you anything that you can pray for and I will not forget to do all that you have asked. So don’t limit yourself by what does not appear to be there.


 I have granted you the creative power to do anything with unlimited possibilities. Stir up your imagination, like a giant jellyfish, opening up as an umbrella to collect blessings of the greater depths. 


Begin at the result that you seek and allow your imagination to be realized. Think from the fulfillment and feel the joy, as if it has been done. Put all things into the subjection of My promise, as you throw all fear and doubt into the endless blue sea of My love. 


Forget focusing on what you need and drop the fears of what could happen into the furious ocean. Completely risk it all for My sake and anchor your soul absolutely in faith. Depend securely on My words alone, as you place your trust in My promise. 


I will turn to help and bestow you with generosity and favor. The unfolding of My glorious words will bring light to bereft heartaches with tangible endowments. In the deep sea of empty darkness, being void of light. Be like a bioluminescent underwater sea creature, as you submerge your faith into greater depths. 


Like going into a neverland of wonder, create what you need by illuminating the deep sea bed. Call what you seek to yourself, with the confidence of a child. As you believe despite the circumstantial restraint, My light will shine to materialize the boldness of your petition. 


When you are cast down with desperation, speak with confidence and I will bring your hope into reality. Decide what will be and decree it into being. Open your mouth with panting anticipation as you long for My manifestation. 


If you don’t doubt, but trust that what you say will take place, then it will happen. Oh, the joy! Yes—I will turn the deep-seated devoid of your wanting into a phenomenon of faith, hope, and love with a stunning reaction. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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