Love Letters

Breathe Again


A love letter from the Father.ย 




Breathe again as if you were in a dream and with an exhale of relief, loosen your shoulders and neck from the stress that surrounds you. Tune your thoughts to the frequency of faith. You don’t have to barely survive when I have given you wings to fly into all that you can believe…a life that continuously flows from an abundant stream!ย 


Hang your worries on the tree of My support and rest a while here with Me. I will relieve your struggle and comfort you with more than enough. Relax your forehead and unravel the tension from your fingers, you will be lavishly provided for from the constant distribution of My heart.ย 


Overcome the negative circumstances with optimistic thoughts. Stay in a place of confident expectation and hold your hopes up. Put all of your trust in My kindness and love, for it will never fail or stop. I will open up pools of refreshing water that was hidden from your view. With relentless demonstrations of kindness, I will soften your soul with easier days.ย 


It is true! You will be made rich in everything–spilling over in every direction. So donโ€™t worry about anything, you will move past every obstacle to experience My unsurpassed goodness! I will hold you up in My everlasting arms and you will now see your situation from My majestic view.ย 


Make it possible and do what others donโ€™t think that you can. Only believe and it will be done! Imagine the green grass of lush and plentiful provision invading the space where nothing was. Hold your hope and keep hoping until you see it emerge like deposits of dazzling diamonds in igneous rocks.ย 


Blessings will manifest,ย  pouring over like torrents of rushing water. From out of nowhere you will be wading in the depths of an overflowing plethora. You wonโ€™t lack anything! With a generous refill, the heavy rains are coming. There is Good news that is about to appear and you will be pleasantly surprised and relieved from the pressure.ย ย 






Written by Dannette Lynn



To bless:ย

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