Love Letters

The Other Side of Cinderella


A love letter from the Father.ย 




A true Cinderella story has many colors, where affliction and sorrow are eclipsed with joy and beauty. Sometimes everything falls apart before it gets better. Moments of pain are sometimes unannounced, as a sting on the skin that comes from an unexpected wave.



Sometimes things happen that leave a wake of broken glass. As a castle that falls, leaving survivors feeling like dying in the ruins. A soul affliction can feel like the deep harsh call of the raven, in remembrance of loss and grief.ย 



ย If you will trust Me and take My hand, you will see what your life will be more beautiful than anything that you had ever planned. Like a star that begins from collapsing dust, the breakdown is the origination of your ‘happily ever after’. Donโ€™t be hypnotized by the lamenting song of the moon. After the storm, there is always a rainbow passing through. My love will save the day to awaken your heart and reveal something new.ย 



It takes courage to hope after it feels like your world has ended. Look beyond the emptiness that you feel in the depths of your soul, there is another side to the story of love, faith, and hope. As with any love story, grief is used to reveal a long-awaited love. Surrender the pain to Me and I will cause the dream to rise up. Like raindrops mixed with tears, sometimes suffering comes before better days appear.



Pain is also part of living. Where there has been weeping, there will be even more happiness and laughter. Resist the urge to cover up your feelings with the toxins of self-comforting remedies. I will comfort you and be the love that you are needing. I am closer than your very breath, I will be the oxygen to replenish your desire to flourish as hope raises beauty out of the ashes.ย 



Donโ€™t lose hope for sunnier days. You will need to stop looking back to keep your balance. What has arrived will be better than your dreams, like a glass slipper that has been custom made by the Glassblower whose unimaginable thoughts for you are more than the sands of time.ย 



The anguish will be replaced with deep abiding love and joy that spills over to the morning. Every day I will show you the intentional pursuit of My love. Like pointing the way to a sailor in the darkness, My promises will shine like scattered diamonds on the black canvas of night. The trail of pain will become a distant memory as I awaken you morning by morning, to whisper, โ€œI love youโ€.ย 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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