Love Letters

Miracle Change

A love letter from Papa. 



Congratulations on making it this far. I know that you are tired and feel like your breath is almost out, so I am turning the discomfort into a double relief of comfort. Everything will be alright, the season has already changed. Living in pain is not where you belong. 


O treasured soul, come and rest! I will wipe the tears from your eyes and shower you in favor. Although you can see both the sun and the moon right now–the effects of a curse and a blessing. Let My promises be your only truth, as I drench you in My waters of refreshing. Focus on your blessings and ignore the bad things that are falling away. 


Resist the anxiety that comes with change. Nothing will be allowed to hurt you and I will rescue you from being entombed by distress and sorrow. No longer fear being tangled in the cords of death, nor flinch at the terrors of dread. Like a butterfly encased in a silk cocoon, I have fully surrounded you with My loving protection. 


Your battles are over and you will never lack from this world again. Instead, you will encounter double comfort to compensate for the trials and pain. Experiencing a miracle change consumes a lot of energy. Relax your shoulders back and leave the rest to Me. Give Me every anxious care and worry. I will take care of you with a gentle touch of kindness and compassion. 


Prepare to be amazed! A sudden change is coming from the inside out. Everything that you have known before is going to be much different. Yes–you will laugh again without the burdens of restraint The past has been broken down, leaving only a faint memory to remind you of My saving grace. 


You will never know that hardship again. The former pain is melting away into the transformation of My loving affections. Think positive thoughts of happy outcomes and stir up your expectations with hope. Freshly emerging, like a butterfly with new wings, your life will be like nothing you have ever known. It is beyond anything that you have ever hoped—unrecognizable and beautiful–a dream coming true. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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