Love Letters

Out of Nowhere


A love letter from Jesus.ย 



Use the pain of this moment as a catapult to bring change. Although you have toiled all night with much disappointment, trust My words and dare to expect again. Put out into the deep waters of faith, as you reach with thoughts of confident obtainment.ย 


I have brought you to the gateway of blessings. Use your faith to encounter My miracle power. Move into the good and reverse the negative conditions with supernatural thinking. As you change your mind, everything will follow in sync. You will get what you are hoping and expecting.ย 


I have vowed to give you whatever you are requesting and nothing can stand in your way. Every square inch that your heart believes is yours. Touch the water with your faith and it will change. Believe that you have already received it and it will be done. Be expecting a big haul–so much that your nets will be breaking!ย 


You will know without any doubt that I am in your midst to protect and bless you. I will not fail to do exceedingly above all that you can ask or hope. Be relieved of the tension as you move into the ease of free-flowing blessings. One after another, you will see cup-fulls of My goodness arrive out of nowhere.ย 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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