Love Letters

Nothing Will Be Too Much For You


A love letter from the Father. 



I have seen your misery and weariness of walking through the devastation. Don’t be worried, from the emptiness you will be refilled! You made it to the next level and rushing water will suddenly appear to remind you of this ample freedom. 



Lift up your eyes and see! Look at the myriad of stars and constellations above you and remember who counted them one by one. All that you see was framed by My hand, from collapsing dust into stars to gluing galaxies together.



The tiniest details of your life are before Me with all-seeing eyes, I am aware of all that you need and hope, even the unique sketching of your fingerprints–I know. Before you knew about this need, I had the provision intentionally prepared.



In this place that seems void of breathable air and thirst-quenching refreshment–look again! There are giant icebergs tucked away inside the craters of the moon, hidden underground lakes far beneath the ice caps of Mars, rich mantles of water surrounding Saturn and a single quasar cloud so full that it can satisfy 28 galaxies with water. 



Defy the gravity of doubt and disbelief that drags you to the ground. The closer you are to an object, the more forceful is the gravitational pull. Cast all of your worries into My care and release the full weight from your hands and I will hold you up weightlessly by My omni-presence and power. 



As a stargazer captivated by the twinkling lights crushed against the velvet night, magnify your focus onto your promises. Quickly cast down every fear and replace it with a hopeful thought. Abide in My love with ease and joy. Revisiting a thought of lack is disconnection from My promise of abundance. 



Like a misty cloud in the black-hole absorbing substance and releasing power. By faith believe that I will exhibit My promise and it will become ever-present and tangible! Bend your reality with faith and see what you pray come into existence. Do not doubt, but trust that it will appear. Write out your heart desire and make it bold and easy to remember. Fill your mind with gratitude, being thankful that it has happened. 



When others go through a drought or recession, you will indulge in luxurious blessings. You will enjoy your inheritance early–believe Me it’s true! I have released a decedent banquet for you because you have believed and adhered to My words through the difficult conditions. 



Although it may seem desolate, dry, and hard to survive–nothing will be too much for you! There are age-old water reservoirs so capacious and abundant that you could not even comprehend or imagine. You shall not wither in the drought, rather you are going to enlarge and prosper. For certainly I will exceed gifts to you a thousand times and bless you just as I promised. 



Follow Me to the moon. I am taking you higher and higher than you could ever fathom. This is a time that you have never known before and the newness of bountiful blessings is being revealed.  I have multiplied your territory and stature with the full support of My opulence–exceedingly more than you know.





Written by Dannette Lynn



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