Love Letters

Cups of Comfort


A love letter from Jesus. 




Everything will turn out well. What you feared happening was only in your mind. The unsettling uncertainty of threatening fears can feel like a heavy cloak of tension on the shoulders and chest. Fear is a soul agitation that seeks to pull you out of a positive place of rest.


Let go of those fears and give them to Me to carry. Soon you will see that you were holding onto nothing. Like an empty cloud, with nothing to give, those things that you feared will never take effect.


I will soothe your fears and relieve your worries with My unwavering love of provision and protection. In the midst of the attack, I will give you what you hope as your ever-present Friend to help.  


Something good is coming your way! Move into the good that you desire with thoughts of faith. Think as if it has already happened and your joy will bubble up like fountains flooding into fulfillment.  


Expect the opposite of your fears to happen. You will be saturated with cups of comfort and continuous blessings brimming over. Always more and never less! You will experience the comforts of My love–manifold and duplicated again and again. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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