Love Letters

Not as it Seems


A love letter from Jesus.ย 




This is a time when things are not as they seem. A promise so close but appears so far away. Don’t trust how it feels, it’s closer than you are even aware. Your fairy tale is coming true, in a time that seems too soon. Unthinkable things will happen, beyond what you can imagine. A season within a season and a change inside of a change.




It will be upside down, backward, and altogether lovely—like December gifts being delivered on a summer morning. Although it may appear like you are surrounded in the darkness with no appearance of anything happening, there will be sudden miracles materializing from behind the scenes. I am moving in the unseen to bring a perfectly timed emergence of your answered prayers.ย 



Like in a total eclipse of blackness when the moon covers the light, you may not be able to see the sun, but you can gaze upon the breathtaking brilliance of the corona. Only in a total eclipse can the corona be seen. In a similar way, for this moment I have reserved a surplus of unforgettable blessings!ย 



See the stars of promise glowing brighter against the black facade of night. It will look unnatural, like dazzling canna lilies blooming over the blankets of ice. I will be your Refuge to protect you like a mama bird in a nest. Surrender all of your worries and trust Me to show up.ย 



Set My promises safely in your heart and remember what I have said. I have written you a love song–unlike anything yet. Rest in this time and give Me your trust. I am a proven helpโ€”more than enough and always available whenever you need Me.




My home is surrounded in beauty, come and stay with Me. As a swallow drinking in the midst of flight, you will always have more than plenty with delight. My generous fountains are swelling joyously to cool you from the swelter of affliction.ย 



My compassion is here to alleviate your pain. You will be completely satisfied and no longer in need. Stay at peace and remember that I am in control. This is a sacred moment for you to regain your strength and catch your breath. I am taking you up to a more comfortable place to give you breathing room in the security of My support.ย 



In this opposite appearing condition, I am giving you a sky-high lift. Like being perched on the high cliffs of the crystal blue sea, you will drink from My abundance. Release your song from captivity–the long, hard winter season is over! While many are in despair, you will continue to expand and increase in My goodness.ย 



Off the beaten path, I will surprise you in unsuspecting ways! You will enjoy the opposite of what you would suspect in the natural conditions. I will comfort you richly at an unreasonable time. It will be like the dreamy wonder of feeling the coziness of warmth inside in the place of the treeless arctic tundra.ย 



You are an exception to the rules, so donโ€™t worry about how the situation looks. Fill your lungs with the fresh air of freedom and see this thing from above. My love is raising you up to walk upon the air.ย Time is being rapidly reversed to bring back what was lost. The drought is over for you, despite how it looks. The rains of My love will wash your troubles away and you will be raised to the top in a way that you could never fathom. Expect the unexpected, wonderful things are about to happen!






Written by Dannette Lynn



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