Love Letters

Unstoppable Kindness


A love letter from the Father. 



Dearest darling, never become sad or discouraged by thoughts of experiencing bad. Hear My words and let them soak in, like warm water washing over your toes and melting away the bitter sand. 


Don’t look down with disappointment just yet. This day has not even finished. There are treasures hidden for you now if you will hope again. For there is a kind of hope for a tree, though it may be cut down to a meager stump. Only with a slight scent of water, it will be revived to flourish into the tallest oak in the forest. 


Stay hopeful with true perseverance and eager expectation. Reach your thoughts into the splashing waters of My loving-kindness. You can be certain that I am loyal to My promise. Although you may see the puffy clouds of possibilities disappearing away, I will still show up with kisses of rain and unstoppable kindness to provide and protect. 


Don’t be afraid of yesterday’s pain coming back, whoever trusts in Me will not be ashamed or disappointed. Keep My vows safely in your heart and magnify My promises above all that consumes your vision. You gave Me a request to never go back and I have vowed with an oath to do just as you have asked. 


Come now, put down those worries, and let your faith be settled. Just rest and receive the unconditional love of My provisions. I made you a vow that was written in My love. My love is consistently kind and ever-so gentle. You can relax your heart into the safekeeping of My hands. 


 My love will never stop giving and never run out. Surely it goes beyond your wildest imagination. There is nothing that comes between us, our love is always strong. There is not a single entity that can stop My love from reaching every need that you have. 


 Drench your soul in My promises and draw up continuous streams of rich blessings and an unending surplus. I am doing magnificent things for you today, that stretch beyond your comprehension with a surprise expression of My complete and unstoppable kindness. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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