Love Letters

Constant Miracles


A love letter from the Father.ย 




Wake up to your birthday and stay in it, as the miracle of My promise is constantly repeated. Remember the excitement of finally opening gifts and the delight of discovering them to be just as you had asked. Go back to the nostalgic smell of birthday candles and the delectable taste of your favorite baked cake.ย 



Letโ€™s go from pleading for your request to waking up to it. I satisfy your hunger with good things and give you an abundance to the full. Stop praying for it to come, but rest in the everblooming beauty that My promise is already done.



Every morning as you awake, remember My words and the vows that I made. Like the aromatic scent of the โ€˜first loveโ€™ gardenia wafting through the air, be saturated in the promise that I gave and remain there. Believe how much I love you! I will never leave you. Instead, I will nourish you and give you the strength to rest in My affections.ย 



Donโ€™t worry about suffering again, I will not disappoint you. I have heard your prayers and I will take care of every detail. Instead of being afflicted with the torment of your need, be instantly comforted as you believe that you already received. My love has risen up and you will no longer be diminished or running out.ย 



With settled faith, trust that the desire has been granted. What you think about will determine the limitation. As you think in your heart, it will be. Keep your mindset established that you have all that you need. You are full of My abundance and your treasuries are overflowing.ย 



Fall asleep with a dream and wake up into fulfillment. Each day will stay your birthday, the candle of promise will never stop burning. Day after day, I will awaken you with miracles of My love. Continous miracles will happen, as a promise that blooms every morning.





Written by Dannette Lynn



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