Love Letters

Quiet Sleepiness


A love letter from the Father.



Present your case and lay down your arguments. Take a deep breath and blow it all into My care, like scattering dandelion seeds into the breeze of My Omni-presence. Rest entirely on Me to fulfill your petition and hold your hope with certain expectations.ย ย 


Calm your thoughts and relax into a state of quiet sleepiness. Be so rested in Me to answer your prayers and handle everything, that you could fall sleep in the tranquility of My intentional goodness.ย 


Give Me the request of your prayers and leave the rest in My hands. Settle your heart in the trust of complete fulfillment. Do not doubt in your heart, but believe it will happen.ย 


Allow My love to mend your soul, as you trust in Me completely to honor My words. Yield into faith, like a dandelion flower with seeds bowing low in surrender to be dispersed, believe that you have received it and it is yours.ย 


The prayer is a promise for Me to perform. It is not for you to worry about how these things will work. This promise will bubble up within you, as a stream soaking up the hard ground.ย 


See the fulfillment instead of the grief, everything that you can imagine is already yours. As a dandelion has over 200 hundred seeds in one stem, each flower is a cluster of many more flowers. There are no limits to how many prayers can become.


I am able to fill you with more–blessings and blessings–above what you hope! Think to yourself that it is already done and receive the beauty of a fulfillment. You will be completely satisfied and the suffering will end. From this day on–I will bless you!


Like a golden dandelion transforming into fluffy white seeds overnight, the manifestation of your prayer can happen in an instant. Very soon you will experience the tangible beauty of My love, again and again, so says the Lord, who will make this happen.ย 






Written by Dannette Lynn



To bless:




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