Love Letters

Never-Ending Fullness


A love letter from the Father. 




As your best friend to help, I will bring your miracle deliverance now when you need it the most. I will rescue you from what you fear and give you an abundance of love instead. 


Perceive the sweet delight of My promise manifesting to comfort you today. Don’t be distracted by doubt or fear, be determined to believe as you give Me your trust. Anyone who puts trust in Me will be blessed and comforted.


Turn My promises over and over in your mind, until they become tangible before your eyes. The problems that you see will lose their grip, but the promise of My word will remain forever. Rest assured with every confidence that nothing–absolutely nothing–can separate you from My love and the abounding surplus of My personal provisions. 


Drink deeply of My pleasures as I take you on a relaxing cruise to feast on the promises of My love. I have granted you an abundance, overflowing with more than enough. Despite the contrary conditions, you will always taste victory through the constant demonstration of My love and comfort to help. 


Believe although you cannot see it yet and I will cause it to materialize into your current situations. Hold the thought of My promise and grab it by faith as a secured guarantee. Believe that the promise is yours now and be enveloped in the Divine fulfillment. Stay expecting with eager anticipation!


Keep a selective focus as you meditate on My promise. Thoughts are powerful. What you think about is what you are pulling close. Constant focus on the problem only attracts more difficulties. Focus on My promises, not the negative things. See yourself with all that you hope and in the fulfillment of the words that I spoke. 


Every thought that you have sown in My promise is springing up to produce an abundant harvest. As long as the earth endures, nothing will put a stop to planting and harvest, and he who sows bountifully will reap bountifully!


Keep the beauty of My promise as the center of focus. Your days will be filled with prosperity and your years with pleasures. I have blessed you to increase more and more. What starts as a trickle will soon become a stream and grow into a never-ending cascade of fullness!




Written by Dannette Lynn




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