Love Letters

Hidden Storehouses


A love letter from the Father.ย 




Lift up your chin and take away the sorrowful thoughts. Do not doubt My love for you. I have made you a promise and I will do good for you again and again. As clouds move with the wind, My tangible presence will continue to move with you, keeping you full.ย 


Beloved, I will never leave you empty. Instead you will increase and overflow, time and time again. You have My grace, even in the desert I have given you a good place to take a rest. I want you to know and experience the joy and delight of resting in My care.ย 


Surrender every fear and worry to Me and do not think about it again–trust in My presence. Lay down the bare anguish of the beaten paths that you have traveled. This is a new time for you and you are on an entirely blank page, free from the unsettling pain of former days.


You will be weeping for joy as I fill your hands with flowing brooks to replace the anguish of being desolate and barren. With a sacrifice of trust, give Me your heart request and be exuberant with expectation as you believe for Me to fulfill your petition. Ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you.ย 


Even here in the wilderness, you will see the expanse of My abounding compassion. You will bless many and no longer need to borrow. I have hidden storehouses of riches in the desert and a spring of water in the wilderness. Anything that you can believe will come to pass.ย 


I have secret riches for you tucked away in plain sight. Oh how you will enjoy this harvest! Enormous clouds of My good pleasure are here, like a mass of water drops suspended in the atmosphere. The air all around you is saturated with the water vapor of My personal promise to provide and protect in any condition.ย 



I am moving through every detail of your life, holding massive water droplets that scatter light into the seven wavelengths of a rainbow. I have set you apart for Myself to be adorned with My beauty.ย You will increase significantly with My wealth and you are blessed–in anything that you do! Your abundant growth and fullness of blessings give glory to My name. I have commanded a blessing on you so that you all are always full.



The clouds of My resources are expanding over you and can no longer hold back. In the same trail of pain and tears, you have found the favor of God. I have never quit blessing you and I never will. Expect love, love, and more love! From out of nowhere you will see the water vapor emerge, as the fluffy clouds of My hidden storehouses for you appear with extra abundance and comfort.ย 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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