Love Letters

Above and Beyond


A love letter from the Father.




I have known everything that would happen and I determined beforehand that you would see very positive results. Let your heart be at peace and don’t be troubled. I have gone before you, to ensure that everything turns around to be extra good.Β 


Like the north and south pole of opposite attraction, the storm is being used to pull things out. Indeed you will experience an overflow of My loving-kindness and drink from the life-giving waters gushing out.Β 


Believe how much I love you! My love will continue to quench all of your needs–above all that you know. I will remind you of My promises and make you well again. So don’t be upset–you will not be abandoned or alone.Β 


Trace your thoughts back to the vows that I made, when I spoke deep within your heart. Remember all of the times that I told you what to expect, then suddenly it happened. I will never in any way let you down.Β 


Every essence of your being is deeply linked to Me. I have given you a promise in advance, to ensure My very best. Even when I lead you through the desert, I promise to drench you with an abundance and hordes of water pouring out.Β 


I am here, ready to help. Therefore you can be fearless–no matter what. Keep your soul full of joy and at rest, as you think from your promise. I will never abandon you to death, but I have plans to give you what you hope for.Β 


I have given you the exquisite gift of bringing your hopes into reality by faith. Faith has the power to attract or repel. All things that are made are created by things that are invisible. So center your thoughts on My promises and bring them into remembrance.Β 


You have the ability to take what I have given you in your dreams and bring it into your everyday life. Nothing will be impossible for you! The entire universe was created and beautifully coordinated by the power of My words.


The indescribable power of My invisible promise will be pulled out through your faith, as an unseen force. There is an invisible power all around you being moved by your actions, words, and thoughts. Use the vigorous-intensity of your faith to pull what you seek out of the spirit and suddenly the observable effect will arise.Β 


Hold My promise in your mind and see it with your eyes. Take no imagination of what you fear but stay connected to what you hope. Keep pressing to believe and it will materialize and think of it repeatedly until it appears.Β 


There is more than you think! I am now showing you new treasures and secrets hidden that no one has known. They are being created now–brand new things for you to be excited about. I will do for you above and beyond all that you can think of or hope!Β 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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