Love Letters

Unexpected Change



A love letter from the Father.  



Like leaves changing colors and floating away, this is a time of endings and beginnings. Things will happen out of season, to bring an unexpected change. An end is also a beginning and a loss is an indication of an open door to receiving double. New blessings are opening without a fight that will remain.


Take your gaze off of the endings–like those old-familiar leaves that have dried away. See and behold the new blessings of the present! When a loss happens and the leaf blows away, it is because something new has been growing in its place. The new leaf has grown too big and is pushing the old away–and the new will be much better than you could ever anticipate!


The new leaves are sprouting up to provide out of My nourishing-goodness for you. Leaves make food through photosynthesis, which means,  ‘making something new using light’. The new things that I am opening for you will give you an instant increase and continuous supply through the light of My words.  


If you ever feel lost or have an immediate need, soak your soul in the light of My words. Keep your focus elevated to Me and you will be refreshed and comforted with relief. I will cause My promise to care for you to emerge, just as the morning dew brings out the moisture from the leaves that are drenched in the sunlight. 


Trust Me to be everything that you need. Rest every worry in My hands and draw from Me with child-like confidence. Even in the most impoverished looking conditions, you will experience the bountiful love of My magnificent provisions. Keep Me as your trust and confidence as your deep entrenched roots absorb the water of My love to provide for you, no matter what may come.


I am making your life completely new out of My design! Your beauty will capture the attention of many, like a flourishing tree with love-leaves tipped with a diamond point. Even the most prestigious leaders will see your brilliance and you will be known in an entirely new way, as I adorn you with glittering blessings. 


Don’t be doubtful, but lift up and your eyes and look around. New blessings are ready and they will be better than you hope! So let Me remind you of My promise of flooding you with love and you can praise Me in advance. I am revealing hidden treasures to you and delivering secret hordes of wealth. 


I am your continuous flow of sparkling waters to give you exuberant joy and delight. Instead of need and desperation, you will be ever blessed and prosperous–soaking up My abundance. It will feel like you are dreaming, as you feast on the love of My provisions. Because you have trusted in Me alone–I will give and give and give–and My goodness will persist with endless support. 






Written by Dannette Lynn


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