Love Letters

Rain of Recovery


A love letter from the Father. 



Have no worries! There is no power in the sky above or the earth below that can stop the blessing of My love from reaching your location. The enemy that came against you will be scattered to frightfully flee from you in seven different directions and what the thief has stolen will be returned to you with heaps of goodness to bless you beyond your comprehension. 


Look, don’t you see? The wicked are not in control of this situation but I am. I have given you My promise of blessed abundance and what I have said is what I will perform. You will overtake the thief and recover all by the power of My Word. You will plunder by force the wealth of the enemies and make it your own. 


My word alone can catch a falling star and show the moon just where to go. You will have everything in abundance–with fullness until you overflow! Like a well-watered garden, a spring that never runs dry, you will not need to worry about any need again. 


I am making the impossible possible and you will be starstruck in awe when you see what I do! From the crumbled ruins of the past, I will rebuild with beauty and restore your losses with multiplied blessings. The bitterness will be turned to sweet, as I make all things new again. Instead of the sorrow of ashes, you are being decorated with diamonds and rubies.


I am opening up a massive rain of blessings to wash away every worry and I will do far over and above all that you hope or pray. You will know through personal experience the intentional provisions of My love, that you can be filled with fullness with the richest measure of My saturated loving Presence. 


Your joy will be full, instead of crying out, you will proclaim the wondrous works that I have done. What I have promised is exactly what I will do in your life. What the enemy meant for harm will become your greatest blessing and your victory song. Instead of lack, you will prosper in every area of your life. 



Now I am giving you more than enough of every good thing—just as I promised you. I have opened up the reservoirs of water in the sky to make this a rainy season of unlimited blessings! Your resources will be so abundant that you’ll give to many with excess, but you won’t have to borrow again. What you have lost will be returned, without fail you will recover all and so much more–that you are blessed and a blessing to many! 





Written by Dannette Lynn


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