Love Letters

Expect the Best


A love letter from the Father.ย 




Close your eyes and think of My promises. Slow your breathing as you find the peace of what I have said. The high waters of My love are inundating the surrounding problems. I am bringing My blessings to the exterior to give you comfort from all pain and rest from your troubles. A storybook vision is becoming real in an unsuspecting surprise that I am revealing.ย ย 


Relax from the worries and lean into Me. Stay nestled in My heart until the fear dissipates into the empty abyss. The high waters of My blessings are rising up to create a fairytale-esque haven of My intentional loving-kindness, with crystal clear rivers winding through every request that you have prayed to bring fulfillment.ย 


Lose yourself in the moment and draw close to Me. You will soon see that My plans are better than you think! Don’t move by fear but move by faith with positive thinking. Trust who I am for you and retrace your thoughts around the promises that I made. Count on sure fulfillment–even before you are ready. I will feed you from My hidden riches of ancient seabeds, so concentrate on My abundance and not the bad things that you fear could happen.ย ย 


As oxygen is formed in the fiery-dense core of the stars, come to the remembrance of your spiritual stars–the promises that I have given to you. Focus on My words alone, as the noise of dread fades away and find a peaceful-rest as you inhale the fresh air of My pain-alleviating ways. Saturate your soul under the stars of My promise–there is healing in the stars. Hope in My vows, they are faithful and true.


Relax your heart into Me as you are submerged in the crystal clear waters of My love. Most of the fears that you have are only bad thoughts and will never be more than that. I am going to give you exactly what you hope to happen. Expect the best and don’t worry about the rest. I will never fail to satisfy your deepest needs.ย 


The heavy rains of My blessings are causing an underwater wonderland of awe-inspiring provisions. Every aspect of your life is being flooded with My indestructible love and inescapable goodness. This is a rare phenomenon of increasing water levels that will far surpass anything that you have ever dared to dream or imagined to be.ย 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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