Love Letters

Very Good for You


A love letter from the Father.ย 




I am the One who can reach you with extra plush comforts of kindness and love. Be like a child on Christmas eve and start expecting to see your desires float up. Stir up the living waters within you, with hopeful thoughts as you activate your faith to expand and receive above and beyond what you think I will do.ย 


I provided everything for you. like a watermelon hidden inside a watermelon seed. Donโ€™t put your faith in the need. Have confidence in the outcome and give Me your undivided trust to make your prayer tangible. Keep your mind at peace, I will be very good for you. I am moving unannounced, like wind brushing through the trees to cause a smooth manifestation and timing that unfolds perfectly with ease.ย 


You will discover the serenity to believe through quietness and confident trust in the Sovereignty of My promise. Exhale the stress and settle your heart in the very intricate details of My intentional love. Relax completely into My care, as you float in a state of absolute assurance. The water will hold you as you rest and relax. Slow your breathing as you focus on My unwavering love.ย 


Relax into confidence and serenity. Look at how far I have taken you and trust Me to come through again. I am walking with you, mingled within every step. You can count on Me to protect you and follow through with your request.ย 


Turn your dread into expectation and tell yourself that I will answer this prayer for you. If you have just a sliver of faith, nothing will be impossible for you. A determination to think positive thoughts is a contemplated release of faith, causing the waterway of ample blessings to flow and not stop.ย 


Keep believing, something brilliant is happening! The clouds of blessings are quickly filling with water and swelling like the Nile at flood stage to pour pure delight over your head. There is an unlimited supply for you, as an ocean that stretches beyond what you can see or fathom. I call the ocean waters and they come and I ladle them out to match your eager expectations.ย 


The current is picking up and things are going to move fast. You will see many prayers answered at once–one right after another. So put on a countenance of joy, like sunlight mirroring off the snowfall. Some of the best things that are about to happen will come unexpectedly. I will give you rest from your troubles and everything will be very good for you!ย 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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