Love Letters

Brand New Day



A love letter from the Father.  




Out in the garden, there are treasures that you have hidden away. They are growing too big to hide and soon you will see what I have given to you. 



Don’t grieve over the present or past, the best is ahead. I have given you a promise of your greatest heart longing coming true. 



Lift your eyes up, even though your heart is aching. Wipe away the tears of despair and look around you and believe. 



Come with Me to the garden and get ready to be amazed. Take off those thoughts of sadness and drape yourself in thanksgivings. 



There are things that you have decreed and prayed–things that you have cried out for on a downcast day. Those things have been drinking the rain and growing bigger each day. 


My love is wrapped around you to comfort you from the sorrow. It is not you that causes the seed to grow. Only water it with positive thoughts of faith and leave it alone. 


See truly; look carefully—under blankets of darkness, the warming light of My miracle presence is bursting through. The seeds that you have been trusting are sprouting up to become a manifold blessing–a hundred times more for you! 


My mighty power working through the silent growing seeds will surely yield far more than you even dare to ask or dream of. 


Settle and calm your disquieted soul and turn your attention to the unseen promises. This time is special,so get dressed for a celebration. I am coming with a miracle transformation for you! 


Close your eyes to what you presently see and imagine yourself with your promise. Feel the delight and see the beauty! Get excited, for it will happen–just as I have I told you! 


I will take the words that I spoke and the requests that you made and lay them at your feet fulfilled, like a bouquet of tenacious blossoms that dazzled into being from the nourishment of the seed.


 Watch as I produce unimaginably beyond your treasured desires and most refreshing thoughts. I won’t miss a thing! It’s going to be a brand new day and your life as you know it will never look the same. 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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