Love Letters

A Journey of Change


A love letter from the Father. 





You are entering a new chapter of your life. Brace yourself for good news, you are going to see an expansion. Don’t resist the rise, but get excited about a life-changing upgrade. When the wind changes direction, don’t worry, just keep trusting along. Brace yourself for an abrupt take-off and get ready to see new surprises happen.


Loosen yourself from the past and wave it away. I promise that you are going to love what is about take place and it will far surpass the discomforts of change. Things will settle down and become more stable as we settle into the journey. 


In the wide-open sky, you are being lifted up to unimaginable heights. Look around from up here–the mountains that you once saw are melting completely away. You don’t have to struggle for this, just rest in My care as we gently lift. Being so light may feel different at first, like a mixture of eager and nervous butterflies in your belly. Calm your heart and take a deep breath. I give you My word, that you are safe.


Sink into My love as you give Me your worries. When you are resting in the woven basket of My care, you no longer hear the winds that whistle with fearful illusions. So go ahead and recline into My words, as I lift away the heavy burdens. In this open-air, you don’t have to worry. 


You have permission to design your heart desires into reality. Adjust your perspective, you no longer need to reach your destination. The request is already yours, so let’s see this thing from above. Ask without hindered restraint and be engulfed in your answer–in lasting and joyful attainment. Live as if your prayer has already been answered as you push back the boundary of all limitations. 


Dream big! Decide what you want and I’ll plan your trip. The view from the top will be the most breathtaking experience. I have prepared generous provisions, there will always be plenty–even more than you expect! It will feel like a dream and you will be pleasantly surprised with a journey of change that is better than you think. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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