Love Letters

A Comfortable Resting Place


A love letter from the Father.ย 



I am taking you on a soul retreat to open up to you the intricate details of My personal love. You are being elevated to a place that is wonderfully good so that you can take a break from living in fear of not having enough. This is a place unlike anything that you have ever known and you will not have to struggle to receive the rains of blessings day after day.ย 



Like an overly-dehydrated ground that cannot efficiently absorb the new fountains of fresh-water, it is time to change how you feel and think in order to be able to receive and absorb the unthinkable immensity of My blessings.ย Now is a time to unlearn all of the pain that you have gone through. Reverse every negative thought and worry with thoughts of confident attainment. Take a deep breath and feel the freedom of letting go of the experienced anguish.



I am bringing you into an abundance and great wealth. Rise up to this higher place of promise heart-first as you trust and believe it to be true. Itโ€™s already done, so make extra room and enlarge your faith to collect. Close your eyes and inhale deeply as you see yourself with the fulfillment. When you continue to stress and strain for the prayer to be answered, then you are in agreement that you donโ€™t have it. Trust that I will answer your prayer and come to an absolute rest from trying to figure it out.ย 




Relax the tension from your forehead and loosen your shoulders back again, I will not disappoint you. ย I have already promised to answer your prayer, just rest in the answer and stay expecting the fulfillment. When you believe that you have already received it, then it will blossom into place, just as you hoped. I have lifted the burden of what you fear off of your shoulders and you are free to indulge in the rosy outcome of your hopes. I have pleasurable pathways that you have not even considered. This will be a comfortable resting place for you to experience the bliss of My extravagant provisions while you lean into Me and rest.ย 






Written by Dannette Lynn




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