Love Letters

You Can Have What You Hope


A love letter from the Father. 





When you were a child, long before you began to wander into the unknown, I held your hand and I carried you like the jewel of My heart. Even to this day, I am holding you close and I will continue to carry you always. Although there were bumps and bruises along the rugged path, I am asking you to trust Me now–even more than you ever have. 


This time is a new beginning and you have moved off the place of experiencing the pain of desperation and survival. In order for you to really encounter the heights of My love, you need to unknow the painful mindset of poverty and lack. If you want to see your prayers become tangible, then you must believe that they can. 


You are in a place that is far better than any place you have ever traveled. It may look unstable from the natural view, but you can completely rest in My stability to hold you up in a way that will far surpass your greatest desire. My plans for you are to give you an expected end.


This is a new day and I am opening up to you more good things than you have ever dared to imagine and it will be more than you have requested. So do not be afraid, you can have what you hope and you will encounter the untold depths of My abundance that you cannot even fathom. 


Use your faith to embrace the miracle power of fulfillment and visualize that you have what you are longing for. Stir yourself up with hope and focus all of your energy onto your promise of an answered prayer. Rise up into the attainment of your hope as you slowly mediate your thoughts–like wings–and catch a lift into your miracle dreams. 


Rest in My kindness and press your thoughts into what you hope to happen as you push down every fear and worry. The resistance will become the underlying force to push you up–even the troubles will bless you! Before you know it, you’ll be flying into what you once believed impossible–like a soaring elephant. 


Don’t waste your energy on worry, instead give every trouble to Me and I will very carefully take care of everything. Fearful thoughts repel positive results. Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time. I will not disappoint your offering of trust, instead you will be beautified with My love and kindness.


Soar on a plane above worry on the airy wings of optimistic believing. Don’t think of a possible failure but have thoughts of faith that I will answer your prayer. Trust who I am for you and count on My love to lift you high and hold you constantly stable


Use your thoughts like wings to lift you up as you concentrate on My promise and I will carry you to places far beyond your most unbelievable dream. As you press your faith against the resistance of what you fear, you will attract the desired outcome and you will continue to experience the unending blessings of God. 


Faith removes limitations and hindrances and gives you a free mind to rest in what you hope. Ignore the temptation to think negatively and believe in the fulfillment of your hope. Build yourself up with confident thoughts as you tell yourself that I will give you exactly what you hope. 


Be lifted up to a higher level of thought–soar above the worry–as you feel the excitement that you will get what you expect. With an enthusiastic spirit of faith, get ready to behold the manifested wonders of My heart. I have hidden a bounty of provisions above and around you and riches that will come exceedingly fast. 





Written by Dannette Lynn




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