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A love letter from the Father. 




Though you have not felt the snowflakes of answered prayer melt onto your skin and you have not seen the manifestation of your request appearing like the wonder of midnight snow mystically falling from the sky, the prayers that you are making are causing a tremendous effect.


A miracle is forming even though you cannot see it yet. Just because you cannot observe the movement happening, rest assured with the relief that change is swirling in the unseen realm. The first half of the day happens when the stars illuminate the darkness and the night shadows conceal what is openly hidden. 


I am moving quietly to amaze you in ways that you cannot see. Before you even realize to look for it, the fulfillment will be delivered directly to your need. Although your heart has been trembling by the giant size of your troubles, empty your worries out to Me and give Me the weight of what you fearfully dread. 


Relax trustfully into Me, as you tell yourself that I will answer your call for help. Positive thinking is an act of faith and I have given you the authority to create the reality of your dreams. I have made you bigger than your problems. So take a deep breath. You are safe from suffering, nothing can hurt you now. Instead, of what you fear happening–it will be just the opposite as you melt into happy tears from the sweet relief of My indulging generosity. 


Eliminate doubt by filling your mind with overflowing thoughts of faith and confidence. If you have faith, nothing will be impossible. Exhale out the worries and enjoy the freedom to live fearlessly, The insecurity will break away as you continue to fix your thoughts on a hopeful outcome.


The more that you look at your needs or the problems, the more you will struggle to feel controlled by them. You cannot control something that already controls you. So don’t be afraid of your need, but instead put your confidence in Me to deliver what you need. What you fear does not exist, but can be created by intensified fearful thinking and a magnified focus. 


As you repeatedly concentrate your thoughts on the faith of your desired outcome, the doubt and negative circumstances will disappear into nothing and the beauty of your request will envelop you with a tangible fulfillment. Keep reminding yourself that your request has already been given and feel the relief as you give thankful praise. Things will turn out just as you prayed–with peace and an abundance. 


See your prayers being answered like snow flurries materializing on a winter night. Stay above with every problem by feeling that you have the approval of your prayer request. Imagine yourself in the desired fulfillment and visualize the hopeful outcome. No longer think thoughts of lack or need but elevate your thoughts into attainment. Believe that you have it, then it will be yours. As you think it will be! Even the wealth of nations will be brought to you with their kings leading the processions


Every day is your birthday with ceaseless blessings. My promises are gifts that keep on giving! Your prayer will be answered as a sweet birthday treat and you will rest on a bed of roses being filled with joy and happiness. Even more, blessings will abound and My provisions to you are going to flow freely. I will respond to you with even more–a never-ending gift to enjoy.


You won’t just have an answer to prayer but you will encounter the freedom of rest and abundance. Yes– I will fully satisfy every need you have, as My incomparable riches are revealed. You will be given even more–with a constant stream of provisions and I will answer your cries for comfort like the comfort of a soft blanket tenderly covering your skin. I will restore you, refill you, and reaffirm you because I cannot help but love you!





Written by Dannette Lynn



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