Love Letters

Monsoon Rains


A love letter from the Father. 




I am changing your direction in the midst of a seasonal shift of high winds. In the place that you are expected to fight, you will rest in an abounding overflow of My loving support and healing. The storm of tempest winds is causing a rapid overflow of monsoon blessings.


Take a deep breath and trust Me, I will protect you and keep you safe and secure. With quiet confidence, you will experience My presence like never before. Instead of the terror of death, you will laugh out loud in the showers of My exuberant joy. Move past the opposition and ignore the hiccups of undesirable symptoms.



Fear follows fearful thinking. Harness the winds of the storm into a portal of faith and act like the promise has already occurred. You will thrive and flourish with life, joy, abundance, and more!



Your enemy will soon see that whenever you are attacked that you are superabundantly increased and blessed. Every lie that he has slandered will be unraveled into truth as you are lifted into twice the honor as a highly-respected child of the Lord. Like a fallen soldier, weakened with despair, he will give up on you and turn back as he realizes that he has become your biggest advancement and acceleration of blessings.


Inhale My goodness and feel the healing rainwater running down your skin. I have already told you in advance what to expect so that you can rest in your promise of healing. The shift will cause heavy rains of recovery and blessings. Hear the sound of the invisible rains and look by faith what has not yet been seen. 


The shift has already happened and there has been a change in the winds. Expect to rise up swiftly to far above all that you have ever had or encountered. I am with you to comfort you and the monsoon winds will cause you to be overflowing with joy and blessed beyond measure. 


I will take care of you–I always look after My own. Let My love sink deeply into your heart and soul and do whatever it takes to focus on My personal promise for your life. I am giving you rest and a chance to kick your feet up. Instead of worry and struggle, you will see more prosperity and miraculous healing-power than you have ever seen before. 





Written by Dannette Lynn





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