Love Letters

Let Go of the Wild Horses


A love letter from the Father.ย 




Release the wild horses of mixed emotions and let go of the fears of a dreadful outcome. Faith and worry cannot be present at the same time. Be courageous and choose faith instead of unbelief. Let go of those nervous worries of uncertainties and let My soothing-love flow in.ย 


You have already given Me your prayer and it has been granted, so do not fear that it wonโ€™t be accomplished. With a deep inhale, trust My infinite love to grant your request. Before you started to pray, an answer was given. Trust My timing, everything will come with ease.ย 


It is already done and you have been given all the comfort and security that you have longed to receive. Act like your prayer is answered and think that it has been finished. Experience the freedom of abundance with nothing holding you back. Never doubt My intentional kindness.


I will exceed your most hopeful thinking! Good things are going to happen–even unpredictable surprises. It will be more than you have asked and you wonโ€™t see it coming! All that you need will flow smoothly and in perfection–even sooner than you think~




Written by Dannette



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