Love Letters

Surprises Ahead

A love letter from the Father.



Even though My promise to you may feel absent and your days without comfort, put your hope in Me to manifest what was spoken. Despite the anguish that you may feel or the insufficiency of what you currently see, your sorrows will disappear and you will be bursting again at the seams. My loving support will be revealed as I generously supply you with more than enough.ย 


You never know what is ahead, so lift up your heart and donโ€™t give up on Me yet. You are already safe in My embrace and I will keep you from falling into disappointment. Unburden yourself and trust in My promise again. My blessings to you are unlocking wealth and without the heartache of affliction. Soon the gloom of waiting will be gone and your eyes will be opened to see the sheer satisfaction of fulfillment.ย 


Rest from the discouraging pain as I teach how to believe again. Remember all of the times that I helped you before. Close your eyes to the dreadful way that things look and use thoughts of faith to stay above your troubles. Donโ€™t give up your high place of blessing, things are not as they seem. Continue to think that your prayer has been answered and be enveloped in imagining the fulfillment.ย 


Keep dreaming because your faith is drawing up many wonders. In this place that seems void of relief, there is a beautiful landscape with so many hidden treasures to be found. Think big–and I will meet you there! It brings Me great pleasure to fulfill your expectations. Lift up your confidence in Me and let your doubts melt away, like pressing milk into butter. Donโ€™t blink yet, unexpected doors are opening up!


Beyond the seven seas, I have secured for you the ocean depths of an undisclosed abundance. Suddenly I will cause the answers to your prayers to gush out and overflow–uprooting the ancient underwater-mountain hordes. I am carving tunnels through the rocks to reveal astonishing hidden treasures. You are blessed, so keep looking up. I have planned unbelievable surprises ahead!ย 






Written by Dannette Lynn




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