Love Letters

I Will Bring the Fulfillment


A love letter from the Father.ย 



In this comfortable setting, I am going to turn the bad around. Through this heartwarming experience, I will heal you from those repetitive fearful thoughts and dreadful perceptions. You will stop resorting back to the harmful ways of worry. Instead, you will expand into a new dimension of the constant joy and faith of outwardly receiving.ย 



Begin again with new possibilities as you grow seeds of tangible faith through complete rest and relaxation. The prayers that you sow–you will harvest–but your heart must be rested in a position of faith in My love to help you. Keep My message centered in your heart and whatever you present to Me will be done for you.



Rest a little more–there is no need to work so hard. You already have all that you seek hidden within you. Pushing and straining to control the outcome has a negative effect on your desired situation. The most beautiful gardens are grown with patience. You only need to plant the prayer and then water it with the positivity of faith-filled thoughts. It is not your job to cause the bud to be exposed nor force open the flower’s petals.ย 



A symptom of fear is an indication of not resting in My love. Stay trusting in who I am for you and keep My love as your focus–apart from Me, nothing can be done. Lay here peacefully on the operating table of My healing love as I pull those disquieted anxieties out. Relax into My timing and depend on Me alone. You can feel good at this moment, as I tenderly massage the worries out.ย 



Forget what you feared and begin again. Abide in My love–you are Divinely entitled to an inheritance of an abundance. Inhale confidence in My goodness and exhale out those soul agitating worries. Close your eyes and concentrate on being filled with My love. Bask in the joy of knowing that I will help you again. Finally, let go of how you think it should come about and surrender the prayer request to Me as you count it as done.ย 



Hereโ€™s the promise–I will fulfill your prayers. So stay settled and trusting in the confident outcome. I will show you kindness and care for your needs–be expecting the very best!ย What you desired is going to happen, even if it doesnโ€™t seem like it yet. You will undoubtedly receive the fulfillment of your request as you stay trusting in My help.




I will comfort you with extra comforts as you recover from every loss. You can have your cake and eat it too as you struggle less and enjoy easy blessings. There will be more than you requested and far beyond all that you have ever thought about. When I promise something, I will always deliver!ย 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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