Love Letters

Wonder Awaits


A love letter from Jesus. 




Wonder awaits in the miraculous place that I have reserved for you. This moment is special to Me, because I am hand delivering those prayers that you have wept over the most. Let Me guide you through this whimsical land where anything can be done.


I gave you the desire to pray because I am going to fulfill it. The dreams that you have are My purposes and plans. You are living prophetically in a promise. The agitations that you are feeling are the present circumstances quietly dying off and the future you becoming the present. 


Every treasure that you seek has already been deposited within you. As you begin to think and feel like you already have those things, then they will bubble up and become tangible. Believe first and then it will materialize as you imagined. 


I am your Shepherd to provide and protect and you shall no longer be wanting. I have given you the freedom of abundance to satisfy every dream. To believe that you are lacking anything is to be out of alignment with My promise.  


When you are ‘wanting’ something then you are confirming that you do not have it. If you are thinking and feeling like your life is not how you dream for it to be, then you are unknowingly resisting the desire from coming to pass. 



Never think that you are lacking anything and deny any thought that tells you that you are not enough. Do not grieve over your past mistakes. See yourself in a brand new way! Forget the shame of the discomforting problems and let it move into the past. 


Slide your worries and anxious troubles into My hands and resist thinking about them again. Find the comfort to breathe and let your lungs expand as the heaviness is lifted off of your chest. You can count on Me to handle everything with extra care and attention. 


Shift your thoughts off of what you don’t have and onto a joyful expectation of what is about to emerge. Immerse your vision into the delightful imaginations of what is soon to manifest. Where you are going is more wonderful than anything that you have ever imagined or heard. 


Take the atmosphere of your dreams with you as we fly over the current situations and into a dream fulfillment. Keep your eyes on the prize and not the irritating conditions that you desperately desire to change. What you asked for is done and only waiting for you to receive it as your truth. 


I am the Gate that gives you access to the unlimited sea of bountiful provisions and beautified dreams. Any other way apart from Me is to steal or trespass and that results in unfavorable consequences. Trust Me 100% and draw from the hidden reservoirs of My words. 


Come to the merry gate of My abundant sea to be filled and refilled for every hope and unbelievable dream. Take a deep breath of exhilaration and dive deep into the crystal-clear waters that are endlessly warmed by My inexhaustible love. There is a private reserve of abundance for you– protection, beauty, health, wealth, love and so much more than you could ever explore! 


Forget your sorrows and press into the vision, like a child searching the night sky to get a glimpse of Santa. Indulge all of your senses in My words and choose to believe them as true. Stir up your inner child just like a little one who daydreams about sparkly reindeer-dust provoking a spontaneous transformation.


I will personally show you how to profit and benefit in a way that blesses you the most. The flowing waters of My love adorn and restore everything in its path. Without lacking anything good, you will flourish in depths that never lower or dry up. There is a double replenishment that consistently pours into your cup–a surplus that never runs out. 


Nothing is ever too far gone for a miracle and you are never too old to see time reversed. Feel the unique comfort of My grace, like touching diamond shimmering snowflakes without the bitter sensation of the frigid cold temperatures on your skin.


Every good and wonderful gift begins in the spirit and is first embraced by the heart. Celebrate as you welcome the new you and allow yourself to feel it now as you begin to truly become it. It is safe to get your hopes up–the deep ache that you have been crying over is becoming a fulfillment for you to testify of My ever-intentional and life-changing love that lasts forever. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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