Love Letters

Such an Abundance



A love letter from the Father 



Now it is time for My love to wash away those old painful memories. You will need to let go of the past hurts and see My intentional love for you in a whole new way. Nothing that happened before is happening again. Those past experiences of discouragement are now being mended to bring you back to a place of confidence and trust. 



There was a reason for everything and the disappointments of before have brought in the new waves of blessings. As you look back you will be overly joyful and thankful for the delay. What is being released now is bigger–much bigger than what you envisioned or asked for.



I am showing up as the Hero for all of your needs. My love is healing your uncertainties and I am going out of My way to show you My personal love and kindness. I know everything there is to know about you–so don’t be sad or feel discouraged–I will deliver even better than you expected. 



I am increasing you a thousand times and blessing you just as I promised. The answer to the heart desire is here along with the blue whale of an abundant blessing through faith believing. Put out into the deep water of hope and lower your net for a gigantic haul. Truly your life is a wonder containing the buried treasure of one who finds an overnight success. 



My wonders will increase beyond your comprehension and I am fulfilling a personal promise of a flood of wealth to give you rest from the restricting pressures. Whatever you ask for, be prepared to receive. Loving you intentionally is a beautiful thing to Me! 



Go beneath the surface of how things seem and stretch out into the liquid space of the endless sea. Gaze upon My abundance–like the giant blue whale–the largest creature on the earth. Attune your ears to his massive calls, extending hundreds of kilometers through the unexplored ocean of My endless love. 



Focus on faith and get excited to be amazed. Launch out of your comfort zone to find what you have never seen. Watch as My love flows over and around your life with blessings too much to contain alone. Fill your hands with a rich plethora of promises fulfilled and an over-sized encounter with such an abundance! 




Written by Dannette Lynn





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