Love Letters

Sleep Among the Stars


A love letter from the Father.ย 




Do not be afraid, My child. I am always your shield and protection so there is no reason to run away from anything that terrifies you. Surrender your fears to Me and simply believe. Your reward for loyalty and trust will be immense. I will give you the opposite of what makes you afraid–those fears are lying.



Let go of the battle and let Me take over from here.ย Fearful thoughts are what the enemy uses to cause you suffering and torment. All too often the fears that you have are attached to something post-traumatic that causes repeated worries and feelings of past pain reoccurring.ย ย 



Fear travels through dreadful thoughts and negative speculations but love always believes for the best outcome in every situation. Many needless afflictions come from anxious thoughts and evil forebodings. Keep optimistic thoughts of faith and you will enjoy a continual feast of goodness, regardless of the circumstances!ย 



Relax under the stars of My promise and be at peace through everything. Forget about the unpleasant things from the past and rest in My promises as the final say. Donโ€™t be anxious about things, instead, pour your heart out to Me. I love to hear your requests and bring them to fruition.



Take a chance and be thankful in advance and anticipate your hopes to happen. When you believe that you have already received what you have asked then it is guaranteed to transfer into your hands. Rest securely in hope and stay comfortably covered in My peace as you believe that it will be done.ย 




I am with you, so what could possibly go wrong? Inhale confidence as you exhale the doubts–how you will think is how it will turn out. Go from fear and worry to faith and expectancy–with faith there is victory! All of My promises have been given to you! Stay hopeful even in difficult situations because I will never fail you. Place your faith in what I have shown you and walk through what you fear. See yourself possessing your promise and that is how it will be.ย 



Remember, I am the One who brought you this far and I am the One who has given you this promise. Go ahead and take Me at My word and see what happens. Before you are even aware, those fears will be proved wrong and you will no longer be a hostage to the terrible things that you thought could go wrong.ย 



Look up at the stars of My promises and try to count them all if you can. Giggle with delight as you count My awe-inspiring blessings. There are too many to count! Without a doubt, I will meet you at your expectations to do immeasurable things–far beyond and greater than you could ever ask or think.ย 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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