Love Letters

Unexpected Ways


A love letter from the Father. 




A tiny seed holds an enormous tree. Once the tree has sprouted up, it does not shrink back in size to fit back into the little seed. Likewise, you are not moving backward or returning to the days of small and insufficiency. Nor are you going to re-visit the times of suffering. 


Every seed and embryo starts life through the water. Have no more worries. Let your tensions go as you sink completely into My support. Allow yourself to let go of every worry and fear. You are held and safe in My care. See, now I am going to cause sudden doors to open in your favor. 


Relax, everything will be fine. Everything will be much better than fine! I will never fail to satisfy your deepest needs and highest hopes with an easy-flowing surplus and so much more. Take a deep breath and calm and quiet your soul. What I have promised you is becoming tangible, like a mirrored reflection upon the water announcing what is real. 


My promises to you must touch your faith in order to be seen. When the water is turbulent and choppy, the refection is distorted and more difficult to see. As you settle back into trusting My words, you will get a clear reflection of your reality, like water that is still and smooth. Get the negative thoughts out of the way and stop over-thinking. What you will believe and expect is what will reflect and materialize for you. 


Turn your worry about the future into an expectation for something great to emerge. Stop worrying about how it will come and start believing that it will. The concerns of your heart are very important to Me. I love you too much to ever disappoint your sacrifice of trusting Me. 


The difficulties that you see today will suddenly be transformed into sparkling streams that pour into the richest lakes that you have ever seen. With saturated roots, you will never be dry from wanting, but you will always encounter more than enough. Feel the relief as My rescuing love seeps in from every direction. You can plan on an abundance–and even more than you expect. 



Turn your eyes away from how the unresolved circumstance looks and do not plan a worst-case scenario based on a former experience. Choose to believe with faith instead of giving in to the illusions of fear. Allow yourself to fold into trusting My help instead of the doubt that there is not enough. 


Put your heart in My hands. My love for you is mightier than the farthest-reaching ocean and the most turbulent waves of the sea. Like ceaseless yielding water, My provisions will always flow like endless cascades of love. Denounce all poverty thoughts and surrender your fears as you absorb the deep recesses of My inexhaustible love and generous support. 


Rest in My love as I take you through the most rewarding route. The past is over and I am turning your tears into refreshing pools of abundance. Believe how much I love you! Every day I will remind you of My unchanging and unstoppable love–until it becomes you.  


Keep your eyes on Me and concentrate on My promises to you. An event that far surpasses the bad memories is about to emerge to melt away the habitual thoughts of worry and doubt. In a twinkling moment, all pain will be washed away, as the great depths of My heart bursts forth and the floodgates are opened up. 


Beloved, things are not as they seem. There is an abundance for you today–and there will always be. Expect a flood of blessings from every outlet as things are turned around to deliver you with good news. I will perform exactly what I proclaimed and there will be a swift fulfillment to each and every promise. 


You are being raised up to experience the massive and monumental! The movement in the unseen is much larger than you think. You are going to be delighted, surprised, and undoubtedly relieved as the hidden is revealed and what was promised becomes seen. I have already ensured that you will be blessed and provided for from many different sources and in unexpected ways!





Written by Dannette Lynn

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