Love Letters

Instant Relief


A love letter from Jesus. 



My promise to you is similar to a sea turtle of the great blue and mysterious ocean. The turtle is not in a shell, but a turtle is part of the shell. A turtle’s shell does not come off and the intricate shell grows with the turtle in every moment. Likewise, the words that I have promised you are attached to a sure fulfillment, and what I have revealed will come into realization.  


It may feel like the promise has been lost, but rest assured, My words will always reach their set destination. You can rest in what I promised and trust Me to do it. Like the tiny turtle eggs preparing for birth, the promises that I made to you need to feel settled and secure. Let My words sink deep in your heart and mind.



I promise that I will show up like a best friend to help, like the olive Ridley appearing on the nesting beach like clockwork during arribadas–which means ‘the arrival’. Stay positive and expect for the best, the waters of My loving care run deep to cover more than what you need.


Although you have been through hell and back from riding out the storms and you have put up with exhaustion and unsettled emotions from facing those fears, I will bring you extra comfort to help you to relax with the ease of over-generous blessings. 


Let your heart be free, even though you have suffered much, this time is about to turn around to be better you expect. Let Me take your mind off of the pain as you trust Me again to be your Hero and Friend. I am on your side and I have determined to safeguard you with My kindness. 


Call to Me when you are afraid and I will rescue you just like I promised. I will generously provide all that you need and there will be so much for you to share with others. Don’t worry, precious one, just pray through every circumstance and thank Me in advance. Breathe in My peace and remember what I have said. 


Relax your shoulders back and inhale freely again. You can let those worries roll off of your chest because I will take care of everything and be your Ever-Present Help. You will soon see everything turn out better than you hope because no one who trusts Me as you do–with heart and soul–will ever regret it. 


Soon you will see an instant relief as My covenant of blessing becomes tangible again. Just as before I will comfort you with My compassion and I will turn your fears into the fulfillment of your hopes. You can trust in My unbreakable love to always manifest and My promises to you will come to pass–just like I spoke.  






Written by Dannette Lynn




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