Love Letters

Everything Has Come Together


A love letter from the Father.ย 




Everything has come together now. The pieces have all fit in place and My promises have aligned perfectly to deliver good news and a sigh of relief. Be at peace, everything will turn out good. Don’t worry- you have the victory!


There will be no disappointment for you or those who depend on you. Don’t worry, I will take care of every need and ache. Focus on faith, not on what it looks like. Every curse is broken, so relax in what I said and hold your faith.ย 


Take comfort in your heart by remembering all of the times when I helped you before. Let Me calm your fears once again as you rest here in My caring compassion. I will show you wonders again–but it will be far more than it has ever been.ย 


There was a purpose for the path that I made and I will repay you extravagantly with double joy and multiplied blessings. Out of nowhere, you will be given secret treasures and undisclosed riches.ย 


Relax the tensions from your shoulders and let every need and worry fall into My hands. I will provide for you with an indulgence in the view of those who planned your collapse. You will never be apart from My loving care and all-present rescue and I will refill you again with plentiful provisions.ย 


Expect one gift after another, and much more than you have asked. I have sent orders from Heaven to open up big doors and unlock the secret gates. I will make good on My timeless vow to deliver My love gifts to you!ย 


I go before you to burst through your enemies with a generous flood of doubled blessings. There will be an immediate rest from your troubles with My unconditional love and unstoppable provisions.


Expect a swift change and believe that wonderful things are coming. The situation is has been reset. Everything will happen at once with sudden surprises and unexpected change–everywhere you look there will be more and more from My generous love and kind intentions.





Written by Dannetteย 




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