Love Letters

Love Shocked


A love letter from the Father.ย 



In the blackness of night, you cannot see where you are or what is taking place. Place your hand in Mine and I will lead the way as the Father of lights bringing gifts along the way. Look up! See how the words that I promised shine expectantly to pierce the darkness and point to what is right.


The loyalty of My love can be trusted and the words that I have given to you are still sure as gold that has been tried. There is no variation to My promise nor are there any confusing shadows casting with change. My vows to you are simply true and they will always be!ย 


Stay calm, your time is coming quickly. Relax dear heart, the fulfillment is approaching. It only takes a second to move from a.m. to p.m.ย  You saw how I took care of you before and brought you safely to this place. Let go and trust in My plan. Your help will be from Me. I will keep you safe and I will never look away.ย 


I am not David or Goliath, who will ask you to fight. I will ease your depressing situation and alleviate your pain with shock treatments of My loving ways. I will show you continuous awe-inspiring acts of My intentional love that will comfort your distress and melt those worries away.


Be still and quiet your thoughts. Instead of being beaten by constant attacks, I will be your all-around fire protection of love.ย  There is nothing that can hurt you and no curse that can stand against the vehement flame of My love. Many waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it.


Things will begin to flow easily now, as My nourishing love pours out. I will take care of you and look after all that is important to your heart–to be your help as the morning dawns.


The ground has broken and a sudden shift has taken place. You will soon get back what you have lost and that which is important to you. I will always love you and bring you happiness. Let Me relieve the pressure and carry your load.


ย Iโ€™ll be there for you and provide you with what you desire the most. Things will come about unexpectedly at a moment that feels too soon and doors will fling open to leave you amazed and shocked by My abounding kindness and the intimate details of My faithful love.ย 





Written by Dannetteย

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