Love Letters

Next Relief


A love letter from the Father. 




Just breathe…I am sending the next relief. You are loved, so don’t give up on Me yet. Although you have felt downcast with unbearable burdens, you can expect to experience My helpful assistance. 


 The past is over and I gave you My word as the safe shelter for you to rest on. You are never going back, therefore earnestly remember My vow and pour out your worries into My care. Yes, you have survived enormous pain, but now things are forever going to change.


A butterfly no longer feels pain, but she will always remember the lessons learned as a caterpillar. Just as a woman going into labor to deliver a child, there is no going back to what once was. Pain feels like punishment, but my promise feels like joy and love.


Wrap your thoughts like a butterfly into the new life that I have announced and let the current troubles finally go. The dream that I inspired is alive within you, like a brand new butterfly within a cocoon. Live as if the dream has already been done and only think about what you want to happen. 


Don’t be afraid to release what is in your hands, for in a little while you will find it recovered and I will multiply it again and again. Clear your mind of the fearful conditions that you see and come and rest a while here with Me. 


My love is wrapped around you and refilling you with a never-ending supply. There is nothing that can stop the flow of My love from being your ever-present rescue and source of abundance. So do not let those worries paralyze you and do not lock your gaze on the surrounding troubles. 


Instead of reacting to the present problems with fear and worry, go deep into the inner place of connecting to My loving promise. Close your eyes and remember how I gave you relief in the past and trust Me when I say that I will send help again. 


Take your attention off of the present sorrows and connect to the unlimited possibilities of a better tomorrow. Like a caterpillar who is ready to change and no longer interested in the lowliness of the present days.


Stop feeding on the fear and disappointments and follow Me into a promised manifestation. Lose sight of your outer world and go deeper into the inner place of faith and imagination. 


Spin your thoughts around the promises that I made and make them the focus of your constant attention. Give thanks that you have the dream of your heart before it has even occurred. With all of your heart, believe that you have received it, and it will be done.


Stay in the place of fulfillment and continue to feel the relief that it has happened. Imagine how it can be and indulge in the wonders of the waters of the unseen.  Your life is quickly being changed to match the vision that I have given. 


Open up to believe and fall all the way into the dream. Step into the new and see your dreams come true.  Dwell in the future fulfillment and believe that it has been done and you will see your natural life change to reflect the inner desires that you have. 


My supportive love for you will never run out, but instead, it is flooding over every obstacle to reach you with relief. Your provisions will never dry up, but you will always be prosperous and incredibly blessed. 


I will surprise you with something to bring greater ease and a flooding replenishment. It will leave you star-struck and in awe as you see the next relief emerge with an unanticipated blessing. 




Written by Dannette





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