Love Letters

More the Merrier


A love letter from the Father.



The pain that tried to break you down is now coming back to you as tangible beauty. The turbulent sorrows that you have endured are like the heavy dust that causes a star to emerge. The tangled knots of disappointments have changed, like a cosmic event of stars being born into fulfilled promises.Β 


You will see beauty from the pain and starry nights instead of the unbearable anguish. I will burst through for you with a rescue of My love to save you from the crushing pain and lift you out of the valley of heartache.Β 


It is not a time for mourning and weeping. I made you a promise and that gift is certain. There is nothing that can ever keep you from My loving-kindness. Go back to My words of sincere adoration. Allow the joy of My words to splash your soul with torrents of loving affections.Β 


My love gift is forever. I will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest. You see, all of the silver and the gold of this world already belongs to Me. I will see to it that you are filled to the brim with the materialization of My glory as you stand by and witness this magnificence.Β 


Keep the picture of My promise in your mind and let your hopeful thoughts be your focus and attention. I will never desert you. I am doing great things beyond your understanding. I speak to the snow, β€˜Fall on the earth,’ and to the rain shower, β€˜Be a mighty downpour.’ Not only will you cross over into fulfillment, but you will enjoy rest and abundance.Β 


The good news is this–because you have not experienced the birth of fulfillment, but instead have been buried under grief and pressure–there will be even MORE for you! The pain that you suffered has come back as an increase and there will be more–more the merrier for you, My dear one.Β 


Out of the collapse of your bitter pain, the starlight of My words is glowing strongly at inferred wavelengths to bring prosperity and peace to your life. Things will go well for you here and now. Even in the midst of all of this, I will still show up with more.Β 


Believe in better and expect even more. Your cup is about to overflow with My personal love gifts that you didn’t even see coming. Have high expectations in the promise of My love. It is the gift that keeps giving despite any circumstance.Β 


Even now in advance, I am delivering you stardust samples of promise fulfillment. You will experience hidden riches in secret places, like the shimmering dust of stars secretly found in age-old meteorites. You will increase and forget the pain as if it never happened. You always have plentyβ€” and you won’t lack anything else!Β 




Written by Dannette




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