Love Letters

Brighter Days Ahead


A love letter from the Father.Β 



Plan on brighter days ahead. I have prepared a special feast of honor for you to change the heartache into laughter. You are being healed and restored at the root as I lift you up to unimaginable elevations.


Trust who I am for you–you are forever in My favor. Rest in My intentional love and personal protection, as your fortified Refuge. Remember My promises and meditate on them often. I will show up with a radiant love rescue to give you the opposite of everything that causes worry.


Your faith can change the weather, so believe for big and hope for better. Just spread your wings of hope and rise higher with optimistic thoughts. Think only about what you hope to happen and exchange your worries for peace and gratitude. Be anxious for nothing but expect to see double blessings.Β 


Those fears will slip away because they cannot occupy the high realms of faith.Β  Your face will be beaming with joy and you will not be defeated with disappointment. You can count on Me, even through tempest winds and threatening conditions. Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be done.


Remember what is written about the ones who trust in the Lord. Will I open the womb and not deliver? Oh, beloved! I am going to astonish you with more blessings than you have ever imagined.Β  I have given you the seed of promise and I will also multiply you with an abundant harvest.Β 


Prepare to experience the ultimate encounters of comfort as I open up to you My private reserve of opulent treasures and secret gold mines. You will drink from the fountain of comfort and peace as I rain down a flood of prosperity and excessive beauty.Β 


Like a thundering river, the riches will come down as you are held securely in My arms. You will always be taken care of in every way with an immense increase that will feel so good and safe. From the Divine generosity of My heart, I am changing your despair into a cascade of praise and outrageous laughter with brighter days and new freedom.Β 






Written by Dannette


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