Love Letters

Arise, My Love


A love letter from Jesus. 



The winds of fear may be blowing strong, but it is not what it looks like. Prepare for the best! I have spoken My promise and it will be performed. Although trouble and distress may seem to surround you, My words will manifest to bring you delight and a love-rescue.  


Control the wild horses of fearful thoughts and negative emotions. Lay down all of your stress and worries upon Me and leave them there. I will take care of you with tender-kindness and a helping hand. 


Do not predict a bad outcome or imagine the worst. Just watch—I will overwhelm you with constant waves of beautiful blessings and unstoppable comforts.   


My words will not be delayed. You are getting your life back and all that was lost will be fully restored. The struggle is over and the afflictions are over and gone. The flowers of My promise are beginning to flourish and My songs of love have reversed the effects of chaos. 


Arise, My love, My fair one, and come away from the captivity of anxious thoughts. Those who put their trust in Me will be blessed and comforted with more than enough. You will see the continuous beauty of My words blossom like crimson colored leaves that never fade or change.  


Vividly picture that your promise has been done and feel the rainy mist of countless blessings covering your skin. Stay positive and only think about what you hope to happen. As you believe, it will be done and you will be fully relieved of the present discomforts. 


Be confident and ever expecting as I wrap you in goodness and beauty. You are moving deeper into the riches of My love. I will satisfy your longings and fill you with good things! The gift of My abundant love will not stop, but will keep growing with more and more. 


I will ensure that all comes out right and you will be lifted back up with a plentiful freedom. Everything will happen suddenly and your beauty will surprise everyone. I will exceedingly magnify goodness to you and you will shine with the true radiance of satisfied trust. 





Written by Dannette 


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