Love Letters



A love letter from the Father.ย 



Where you stand now, it may appear that you are surrounded by an atmosphere of mounting demands with insufficiency to cover or help. Yet, I am your stable Source of provision and I am always watching to take care of all that you need–and more.ย 


Have faith that I am on your side, My child, whom I deeply love and treasure. You have favor with God and with men. Even your enemies will be a place of blessing to you! Every thought is an act of believing. A blessing or a curse. Poverty or wealth. Beauty or uncomeliness.ย 


Choose to dream big and look for it to happen! Donโ€™t be disturbed, My unwavering love is wrapped around you. Know that I will always answer your prayers and be your trustworthy breakthrough.ย 


I have given you free rein with no restrictions and I will personally ensure that you enjoy relief, freedom, and happiness. I am going before you to chart a rising path to take you to sacred heights and unfathomable dimensions of prestige and honorable conditions.ย 


So spread out with hope, as I lift you over these circumstances. Because I support you–pray and let all worry go–as you think only the best results. Rest in the fulfillment of your prayers and express sheer gratitude as you thank Me in advance.ย 


I lift the poor from the dust and I raise the needy up with favor and love. You will be greatly honored as your place of struggle becomes your inheritance of magnificent blessings.ย 


Like the great void of space-so desolate and dry-I have hidden away the most exciting blessings for you to get through this very unique time!


I will help you and cause secret storehouses to be revealed. There are no limits! I’ll lead you to buried treasures, secret caches of diamonds, and opulent pearls–you will see with your very eyes that I have been here with you all of this time.ย ย 


You will inhale joy and breathe continual gladness as I sweep you off of your feet with My all-knowing love and kindness! I take great pleasure in opening up passages of prosperity for you and I will cause the extreme devastation to sparkle richly with radiant springs of a liquid oasis.ย 


You will be so surprised! It will be like discovering ancient reservoirs of abundant lakes in the black hole and finding a sub-surface ocean on the Enceladus of Saturn.ย 


There is hidden water everywhere! You are going to stumble upon hidden riches in unexpected places. Here, you will experience an overwhelming love–with a supply that is more than enough–until you are abundantly satisfied!ย 


It will feel like a dream awakening as I move on your behalf. I am giving you such a large relief–itโ€™s almost impossible to describe! Expect something good. I am lifting you up to experience effortless relief from the present frustrations.




Written by Dannetteย 


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