Love Letters




A love letter from the Father.ย 



Let Me help take the stress away. I have witnessed the shame and embarrassment that you felt when all of your hopes were crushed and buried with dust. Yet, this is a brand new day! I have approved your appeal and the scene has been changed.ย 


The setbacks and roadblocks have expired and now the very thing that caused you pain will be used to put an ear-to-ear smile upon your face! I am moving on your behalf to satisfy your requests and flood you with the tangible gifts of My loving promises.ย 


You donโ€™t have to fight this time. I have given victory to you by the authority of My word. The new buds have grown in to replace the disappointing days. You will not be ashamed–not even for a minute!ย 


So forget what happened in the past and open your heart to receive the fulfillment. Rest in the end result that I have promised and donโ€™t you worry one little bit!


Hope and anticipate My goodness, as you beam with radiance to break apart the thick clouds of darkness. Think and imagine that you are already there–and watch as I show up with even more than you are hoping.ย 


The decadent apples of My abundance are in bloom and long-awaited doors are opening soon! You will be flooded in an abundance with an overnight change and saturated with pain-relieving comforts.


Anticipate the arrival with overwhelming gratitude–there is nothing that can compare to what I am about to do. Everything that was once motionless will overflow with streams of blessings–multiplied and pouring over with more than you imagined.ย 




Written by Dannetteย 







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