Love Letters

The Story is Different


A love letter from the Father. 



The story is different than what you have been through. The story is different than what you can see. The story is different than what your circumstances tell you.


No longer will you be downcast like a weeping willow tree, with downward hanging branches. I am breaking through to comfort you and lift you out of the despair over the hopeless looking condition. You will soon be pleasantly relieved from the deep distress over the troubling afflictions. 


Those heavy worries on your shoulders and chest have weighed you down for long enough. I am healing your hope and soaking your prayers in the running water of My love, to comfort you with tangible hopes and bring joy to your heart again.


I am moving quickly to lift you into comfort and take away your pain. You will be nourished and comforted by the Wellspring of My intentional love and the sudden emergence of My tangible comforts. 


To heal and flourish again will require you to move out of the thoughts of distress and center yourself back in the flowing life of My promises. Stop looking at the grief of your situation and calm your nerves from the thoughts of what you are needing to happen. 


Bury the ashes of all that you have endured and step back under the shade of My promise to be your refuge. Deep disappointments are coming back to life as prayers that blossomed from out of the dirt. 


The battle is finished and I gave you My word. Soak your thoughts in My promises and let them be your main focus. Stay calm and believe, as you draw from the happiness of My promises. 


Altar your attitude and expect good things, as you put the past behind you. Believe in what you have prayed for–believe so fully that it happens! Cling to what you hope for and trust Me to honor My word. Rest in My unconditional love to steady your restless soul and protect you from the hurt. 


Don’t get burned out by striving so hard–be cheerfully expectant–and constantly rejoice that your hopes have happened. I have given you unfailing oath and promise–believe that you have already received what you desire and it is yours–for certain! 


Go ahead and celebrate–I have given you the approval! Imagine that it has been done. Think and act as if you have the answer to your prayers. Feel like it has already happened as you open up your heart to the deepfelt emotion of gratitude.


Now watch! I will meet your faith to do greater–even far beyond what you have asked or imagined! Like a willow tree, soaking up the cool streams of water, you are now going to thrive with the renewal of relief and prosper into a long-awaited resurgence of answered prayers.  




Written by Dannette


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