Love Letters

Touch the Stars


A love letter from the Father



You have given so much joy to others, it is time for you to have it too. I am sweeping in to grant your heart’s desire and turn your prayers into tangible treasures. Your greatest strength at this moment is the intentionality of My devout and ever-present love. 


I am right by your side, to make everything alright. I will hold you steady and give you rest, with plenty of time to recover from what you have gone through. I will comfort you and cradle you in My arms so that your mind can clear up from the tormenting troubles. 


It is time that we remove the recurring patterns of pain that you have been through. I am taking away the uncomfortable resistance. Bless the suffering that shaped you and drew you closer to knowing My love and forgive yourself from the past. Those things are no longer yours–pain is not who you are. 


By now you should know that you can trust Me–worry is only fear trying to control an undesirable circumstance. If I ask you to forget what you have been through, then you can rest assured that I will not take you back to it. 


Release yourself from all of the anguish that you have known and let it go from your mind and heart. Take a deep breath and surrender every problem to Me. Realign with My love. Now we can start over to make your experiences better than you have ever dreamed or thought. 


I’ll be there for you! Those troubles that you have known are over and gone. Stop the cycle of fearful thoughts, by refusing to think of them. Think and act as if your life is already as you have asked it to be. You can trust that it will happen and that I will cause the fulfillment of what you have prayed for. 


Like diamond stars twinkling in the night, My loving promises travel with you through every moment in time. Think beautiful thoughts and meditate on the fulfillment of your highest hopes. 


No request is too extreme for you to have. I am more than enough and exceedingly good for you. I will answer your biggest prayers, and as if that were not enough–you will be lavished with even more. 


Here’s the Promise: My love is the gift that keeps refilling. I will always deliver! The provisions of My Love will never become obsolete. You can trust Me to follow through for you! 


What you have asked for is on the way, even if you don’t see it yet. I am bringing fulfillment right to you–and it is more than you can imagine! Full freedom is just ahead—your biggest prayers are coming true. 


Remember before, when I swept you off of your feet with My loving-kindness? Just like those happy memories from once ago, I am doing it again–and then some. Allow your hopeful thoughts to rise up to touch the stars. You will encounter answered prayers and a continuous emanating fulfillment. 





Written by Dannette Lynn Ward

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