Love Letters

A New Page


A love letter from the Father.


Everything is new and this is a new page! Your new life is taking shape and being framed by My unseen promises becoming visible and tangible before your very eyes.Β 


You have a whole new way to feel, think, and explore. You will need to adjust to the new way that things are for you and lose sight of the traumas that you have known.Β 


You will need to say goodbye to what you have been through. This is a new moment and it is not good for you to judge what is coming now by the pain of what you have had.Β 


Let go of trying to bring this to pass and I will fulfill it for you. My promises to you will never fail. Let it be, My promise is meant to be. It is up to Me to keep My words, so don’t be worried about a thing.Β 


Relax, you will never go hungry. Believe in Me–prosperity is within you. Despite what you may see or think, there are undisclosed air-pockets of goodness for you to encounter and colossal-sized comforts for your indulgence.Β 


I will hold you up and you will be sustained by the word of My promise. Take Me at My word and trust what I say with your whole heart–as a Divine guarantee of victorious results.Β 


Decide with unrestricted trust and enduring confidence in who I am for you. I will cause the support of your life to feel dependable and stable as I uphold you with My hand. Do not worry, I am with you


Don’t allow a negative thought, but keep your mind above the clouds with thinking of a positive outcome. Keep your thoughts elevated with faith–as you cling with thanksgiving to the spiritual evidence of the things that you hope for coming to pass.Β 


I have no limits to the ways that I can bless you and I have the capacity to do amazing things that you have not even considered. What is within you is larger than anything that you are going through. The only limits are the limits created by your own mind.Β 


It will be better if you stop trying to understand how it can be done and just agree right here with Me–based on the authority of My words. Be thankful and consider it has already occurred.


You are rising into exceedingly great heights and incredible dimensions. Your life is changing into the actuality of the vows that I have made. Everything will look different and never be the same.





Written by Dannette



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