Love Letters

Farewell to Bitter Days


A love letter from the Father. 



Just breathe and relax. I will tell you the truth about what is to come. My child,  do not tremble or be afraid, you are bouncing back to better days. I am lifting you up to a place of delightful rest and dissolving the pain as you soak under My comforting love. 


Like the miracle berries from West Africa, I am turning your bitter experiences into new encounters of pleasant enjoyment. My love is binding to every situation of your life so that you can experience sweet fulness as I wipe away the bitter days of pain. 


I have your back. Have confidence in My love and protection. I will guide each of your steps and show you the way to go. Don’t try to outrun the shame of what has been. I am lifting you above it. Nothing that you fear will be able to reach you. 


Trust in My love to protect you. Bury the past shame and move on. Don’t look behind you and forget what happened. Let go of the sour memories and the present pain. Release your grip on the former humiliations. I am flipping the switch to lift you to heights unknown. 


The pain that you have known is coming to a halt. You are no longer what you were and the things that have caused you pain have been reversed. Laugh away the fear and sorrow and think about your new gift of promise. You will never be the same again. 


Rise out of yesterday as I give you back a more beautiful life than what has been lost. It will feel like you are dreaming, as I restore your fortune. You will be full–and with plenty–as you spill over with new songs. 


The promise that I gave you is already yours to keep. It will happen–without a doubt–that is what your life will be! Even if every structure fell away and the mountains slipped into the water, My promise to you is unfailing and My love withstands forever. 


Practice being in the promise. Think and act like your promise has been done. See yourself in a new way and feel the joy of fulfillment. Let it be like a loving dew that saturates your skin. Lean into My heart, with full assurance. Believe that you have received it and have faith that it is done! 


Don’t believe a bad report, you will be stunned and beyond joyful. I am taking you to a restful place and a safe environment so that you can heal and recover. I will speak comfort to your heart with soul poetry of what is to come.


Say farewell to the bitter days as I lift you into the sweetest moments yet. From the place where you sowed bitter tears, you will be amazed by the bountiful beauty that appears. Your heart desires are unfolding and nothing that I have promised will be lost. 





Written by Dannette

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