Love Letters

Deep Rest


A love letter from the Father 



Lovely one, I have heard your cries and I will answer quickly to help. I am right here in the middle of the mess. I have compassion for you, dear heart, and I have not forgotten what I have told you.


 I will not destroy My covenant with you, I am true to My promise–you can be certain–I will keep it! I am bringing you into a place of deep rest, to calm and restore you from the strenuous journey. 


I am making it extra special with an open time for pause and restoration. Like the gentle-giant giraffe, you will experience a time of plenty, as you graze off of the highest treetops. 


I am bending down to shoulder your load and embrace you with comforting relief from the hard labor. You are rising up out of the dust in an instant. From drought to abundant waters–I am gracious–and making things right in your favor. 


While you are dreaming of a change of scenery,  I am lifting your head to restore you to a time of upraised living. It will be a safe place, unharmed by the past and present afflictions. You will smile and breathe freely, just like before as I take you under My refuge of compassion and mercy. 


It’s time to create a new tomorrow and to enter into the unlocked doors. Release the anger of what you have been through and put the past behind you. You are dazzling and beautiful with My beauty and now you will live like it too! 


You are entering into a good place with deep roots of provisions that reach down to the wealthiest wells of water that other trees cannot connect to. It is a pleasant place to give you an extended time of rest from your long journey. 


The blessings that you are about to see are more potent than the ancient mountains. You will rise up to touch the heights of the everlasting hills and now these blessings are resting upon you. I am making good things happen for you–for the rest of your life! You will be fully satisfied in a new residence of deep rest and comforting restoration. 




Written by Dannette

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