Love Letters

Rarest Beauty


A love letter from the Father



You may feel frustrated by the time that seems lost and the level of anguish that this life has cost you. But like traveling into the high mountains of Tibet, I am taking you to a level of happiness that you have never imagined was possible. 


Everything that you have been going through has been working to prepare you for an unprecedented future. You are moving into such phenomenal heights, that you would not even be able to believe it now if I told you.  Follow Me – I will take you there! With unwavering trust, count on Me to lead you the way that you need to go. 


Although you have and will venture through many changes, like traveling to the mountain peaks and cascading into shallow valleys and deep furrows, I always know where you are–and I am with you to help.  


Beyond every difficulty, there is a breathtaking relief that far surpasses any discomfort or grief. You will never be the same and in a twinkling moment–you will be quickly changed into all that I promised! 


I have made a path for you and have planted promises of exquisite honor and perfected refinement. Your life is marked for the best of the best, like the black diamond apples, securely planted in the vast plateaus of Tibet. 


What you thought was only a childhood dream, will become a true reality for you. You will no longer remember your troubles, as you bask in an abundance of ultra-violet rich sunlight at an extreme altitude of flourishing goodness. 


Like the rarest apple of the world, your life will inspire many with the sweetness and soft comfort of encountering My heart and personalized love. However, something so luxurious and grand takes much longer to reach maturity. It grows slowly, yet out of nowhere–this gift will surprisingly appear. 


Have courage and don’t be afraid of anything that a man can do or say. I will never leave you and never will I forsake you. I have gone before you to clear the way and I move behind you to cover your tracks from potential danger. 


My plan for you is for you to lead and help others. To share your pain and mistakes with others and how I turned your tears into confidence and beauty. In this transformation, you will not be able to hide or stay unfamiliar. As the highest place on the Earth, “the roof of the word”–you will be fully known and remembered as one who is chosen and exceedingly blessed. 


You are rising into such a blessing, that your reputation will grow and grow–with honor and respect. Your life will be an example to lead others into a deep and lasting relationship with Me. I will also add blessings to those who help you on your journey–but those who resist My plans for you–will stumble and fall with regret. 


Your territory is being enlarged and you are increasing into more than you thought. Get ready for bigger and better than you ever dreamed. Not only am I fulfilling My promises, but I am also providing and multiplying your resources to produce an abundant harvest. 


I am reaffirming My earlier promises to you and you will see with your own eyes what was spoken reach fulfillment. Your enemies will become the comforting cushion for your seat and no longer will they afflict you. 


As I lift you into the uttermost cleft, it will be like discovering the black diamond apples on the secluded mountain range of Tibet. The view from the top will be amazing– like flying above the clouds–and above the mountain ranges. 


You will be made rich in everything so that your generosity will spill over in every direction. For the mission that is ahead, I will pour out even more than is required. It will overflow tremendously and many will be left speechless as My wonders are revealed through you. 


You are transforming into a beauty that is beyond comparison and so incredibly rare that nothing will be able to touch the love story that I have created for you.


Things are getting easy now as you ascend and there will be a huge relief to lift the burdens off. It will be effortless–like ripe fruit that falls from the tree–without even a struggle. You and many others will be blessed by your journey and eat freely from the rarest harvest of exquisite beauty and ever-intentional love–from My heart to yours. 





Written by Dannette

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