Love Letters

A Promised Land


A love letter from the Father



You can count on what you hope to be done. What you fear is not as it appears. Those threats of fear will dissolve the moment that you disallow the dreadful thoughts, doubts, and worries to circulate in your mind.ย ย 


Take back the ownership of your thoughts and donโ€™t give those fears a moment of your time. Step into the full reality of your promised land–you can have it. Nothing that you fear will happen to you.ย 


Let nothing bother you–breathe freely! The weight on your chest is being replaced with a sense of abundance with joy and peace. Cast every worry upon Me and then let it go. Keep your mind at rest, as you trust in My security and control.ย 


Nothing has power over you. I have every detail of your life surrounded on every side. Even the smallest details are taken care of with My love and goodness. You see, nothing is ever hidden from Me.ย 


Donโ€™t be scared! There is no reason to fear the future. Expect the opposite of what you fear to come true. Instantly cast down every foreboding thought and negative argument and replace it with thoughts of what you hope to happen instead.ย 


I will always re-direct you if you are moving in the wrong direction. Instead of seeing those dreads manifest, you will experience the comfort of My love. My plans for you are peaceful and good, to give you an expected end.ย 


I will supply all your needs and give you above and beyond what you think and hope. You are increasing–so donโ€™t fear any lack–and I will bless you just as I promised! Go into the highlands of hope and take possession of your land of promise. Donโ€™t be intimidated, because I have put a prosperous future and happy results in your grasp.ย 




Written by Dannette

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