Love Letters

The Other Side


A love letter from the Father 



I am here and I understand your pain. Let’s move beyond being stuck between your present pain and what is coming to be. Together we can do anything. My power is ever-present and beyond understanding. 


I can see you on the other side of this–basking in the truest beauty of fulfillment. Don’t doubt My personal promise. You will be transformed! 


Nothing can take your promise from Me. It is a gift given in advance–so that you can celebrate–not hang your face down with sorrow by thinking about the present troubles. 


Let go of what you see right now and float up into thinking that the dream is already yours. My promise will lift you up and carry you above every negative circumstance. 


Don’t look at where you are, it will only pull you to the ground. Keep your sights on the vision of being transformed. The promise is sure! 


Expand beyond this moment and see yourself in fulfillment. Put a smile back on your face, as you feel the joy of your dream becoming a life-changing reality. 


Dream big! The larger the thoughts of faith–the larger the harvest. I am prepared and ready to overwhelm you with even more than you could ever imagine. 


You are filled with My promise of intentional love and I will be the one to hold you up in My arms with radiance and honor. Not only did I make you a promise, but I will also fill you up with the fulfillment.


When you see it come to pass, it will feel like you are dreaming even more! It will be greater than you have ever asked or imagined possible. 


Look! The seeds of dreams that I planted within you long ago are about to blossom. Just believe, and keep believing, until it comes to pass. 


You will be changed in an instant–and I will lift you to the other side–into the materialization of your dream and the reality of your treasured heart desire. 




Written by Dannette


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