Love Letters

Everything Will Be Different


A love letter from the Father



Although you have endured a horrific drought, what you have suffered will become a great blessing for you! Just as plants that grow on the frozen ground tend to grow even taller than the others all around.ย 


The nourishing soil that is found deep under the ground is highly supportive and incredibly effective to produce wonderful results. So do not feel bad about the time that seems lost or the beauty that appears to have faded. All will be returned to you–twice as much–and everything will be different!ย 


Unbelief causes the ground to freeze. The water that the plant needs to thrive is frozen and the seeds enter the deep sleep of being dormant. Yet if you will stretch your thoughts to hope in love, like roots that reach deep down under the frozen soil, you will find the liquid groundwater to suddenly flourish.ย 


There is an abundance hidden here for you–and more immense than anything you have ever uncovered. There is hidden water in the falling snowflakes and star-dust mixed in the blankets of white that cover up the footprints and tracks of any movement.ย 


I have promised with an oath to give you anything that you have asked. Donโ€™t be afraid of encountering the former pain or limit Me based on the hurt of old disappointments. What you have gone through is not what I am going to do. Leave the past and start looking ahead at the new things blooming.ย 


The first step to seeing your desire fulfilled is to throw out everything that is negative and harmful to your faith. Pick out the weeds of worry and doubt. A shadow of doubt happens when a negative thought gets in the way to block out the light of believing.ย 


Stand in front of the tree of My promise and capture this moment in time. Like taking a picture, hold My vow in your heart and mind. Take a photo of faith without allowing any shadows of worry.ย 


Risk the fear of disappointment and come back to thoughts of love. Pray without a shadow of fear or doubt. It is time to thrive–not only survive. I will help you and you will not be disgraced. Set your thoughts in confidence that you will not be ashamed.ย 


Arise My beautiful dove and come away from believing in the limitation. Let there no longer be an argument of doubt that your prayer will be answered. The same one who gave you the seed to believe will fill you with the harvest of fulfillment. Have peace as you trust Me with your prayers and turn them over to be done.ย 


Continue to think thoughts of love, as you believe it will happen. Love trusts that the prayer has been received and it will come to pass. Love thaws the icy ground and awakens the dormant seeds.ย 


What was lost and distant will be restored to flourish with more beauty than you could ever anticipate. The vehement passion of My heart is unrelenting to bring your prayers to pass. It will stop at nothing, consuming every hindrance in its tracks.ย 


Focus on the hope of all hopes and dream of all dreams. Believe that you have already received it and the request is yours. Donโ€™t you see? The winter of the past is over and gone. The flowers are now unfolding and the birds are warming up with new songs.ย 


Your prayers are about to manifest. It can be as you believe! Sing a new song as you melt into spring. I will cause you to increase, more than you have ever asked. It will all come to be and everything will be different!ย 





Written by Dannette



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